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Visual Studio includes the Consolas Font Pack with the Visual Studio Professional, Ultimate, and Premium editions. These fonts are available in four styles, Consolas, Consolas Bold, Consolas Bold Italic, and Consolas Italic. For best results with this font, use the ClearType font smoothing technology. Note: The Consolas Font Pack must be installed on the computer. The font pack can be installed by following the steps in the following page. Enabling Consolas Font in Visual Studio The Consolas Font Pack is part of the Visual Studio Font Packs, and is included with Visual Studio Professional, Ultimate, and Premium editions. You can install the fonts from within the Visual Studio installation folder. 1. Go to Start. 2. Type Visual Studio in the search box at the top right corner and press Enter. 3. Visual Studio will launch and display the Visual Studio Installation window. The window will have three icons on it: Visual Studio Studio, Visual Studio Professional, and Visual Studio Premium. 4. Download the font pack and then install it. The font pack will show up on the first icon screen. 5. Restart Visual Studio. The fonts will be available to use. If you remove the font pack (or any of the included fonts), you must restart Visual Studio. Note that the font pack does not need to be installed on the computer. You can copy the fonts to a folder that is located on a network drive or shared drive, or to a USB flash drive. Thanks @Cristian Niță for the tip, again! A: I use "Consolas" in the language of my country. According to Microsoft this is also the font used in visual studio, so I also use it for my work. To install, download, install and make its use visible: copy to the C: drive: cd\Aufbereitungsordner\[userprofile]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\Fonts Open your font viewer (see picture) and browse for: \fonts\Consolas.ttf it should be located in the folder above. To make it available in Visual Studio you have to edit your Visual Studio settings and activate font smoothing. This can be found by typing: Tools > Options > Text Editor > Fonts and Colors > Display items > General the a5204a7ec7

Consolas is a modern, professional and very legible proportional serif typeface. It is a true font which is easy to read. Consolas is designed to be a companion with the new ClearType 1.x and GDI-based technologies, because it is best to have text that looks even better than in a good out-of-the-box system, no matter how it is configured. Consolas: designed for programmers, as you will not have to strain your eyes with the text. Customizing Consolas to your taste: As you can tell, there is plenty of freedom for you to get the Consolas you want. There are more than 1,000 combination of weights and widths. There are 50 fonts (37 weights, 12 widths, 3 text-antialias). Only 350 of them can be combined with a different names (9 weights, 5 widths, 3 styles).... See here for the Consolas Installer for more info. Source , or statements is only in reference to the particular position of the client’s case. The firm cannot and does not give specific advice as to the likelihood of success in any possible case, nor can the firm make any guarantee or warranty as to a particular result. The firm is not engaged in the business of giving legal or financial advice. Any information sent to the firm shall not be deemed to create an attorney-client relationship. Consequences of a violation of the rules are disqualification from using the ABA e-filer, designation as a non-compliant legal e-filer, sanctions by the federal judge, and other sanctions outlined in the firm’s policies. ABA RULE 8.3: FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE WITH A CLIENT CODE OF CONDUCT: ABA RULE 8.3: FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE WITH A CLIENT If a lawyer is in possession of material or information relating to the representation of a client and knows or reasonably should know that the client expects counsel to be kept advised of the material or information, then the lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to keep the client informed of significant developments in the matter. When a lawyer knows or reasonably should know that a client expects or desires assistance not permitted by these Rules, the lawyer shall consult with the client about the client’s representation. A lawyer shall not knowingly, or through incompetence, neglect, or default

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